Interphone Off Road Bluetooth® communication systems

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Interphone is one of the worlds top producers of Bluetooth® communication systems for motorcyclists. Interphone is now introducing an INTERPHONE OFF ROAD bluetooth system, this is the first intercom system designed exclusively for the world of off-road travel.
Off-road motorcyclists can communicate with each other over large distances and in situations that are difficult because of the nature of the terrain and the demanding environmental conditions that come across on a motorcycle. By communicating surprising difficulties or difficult sections of a trail to other motorcyclists, riders can usually avoid unexpected dangerous situations, and prompt action can be taken in an emergency.


*INTERCOM AUTO RECONNECTION - If your intercom friend goes out of range while having an intercom conversation, INTERPHONE OFF ROAD automatically tries to reconnect the intercom.
*Range of 1.3km
*Ability to use your phone if you need to make emergency calls (any calls)
*MUSIC can be listened via your phone
*VOLUME is completely manual and can be set louder than the standard F5MC
*SETTING VOLUME - Automatic volume control (speed and noise compensation)
*EASY PAIRING - Pairing is possible when INTERPHONE OFF ROAD are turned on.