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*The INTERPHONEF5MC allows for full-duplex conference calls between up to four riders at a distance of up to 1.3 kilometres.
*The INTERPHONEF5MC is one of the Bluetooth devices® with the most functionality on the market for motorcycle communications and entertainment.
*It lets you connect to a smartphone for listening to music in stereo via A2DP. It also allows you to use the cellular functions available and to listen to FM radio with RDS directly from the device.
*You can also connect it to an iPod or MP3 player using a cable without overloading the InterphoneF5MC's battery.
*Thanks to the Anycom function the rider is able to connect to other riders within a group who are using third party intercoms and thanks to the Song Sharing function a rider can share music with another rider thus making travelling more enjoyable.
Multi-language TTS voice guidance makes the INTERPHONEF5MC a device that is easy to use even for those motorcyclists who are less inclined to use more technologically sophisticated products.
*It can also receive audible directions from a motorcycle Bluetooth ® GPS navigator.
*The INTERPHONEF5MC is IP67 certified again dust and water ingress and enabled for both the A2DP and AVRCT communications protocols. It can easily be installed into any type of jet, modular or integral helmet.


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